I’ve been trying to think of what exactly I wanted to talk about in this blog post because I have so much to say and I have no idea how not to turn this into a novel. Here we go: 

I first met Olivia when I was a junior in college- we both were in the same major and had mutual friends, so naturally we clicked right away (although to be honest, anyone can click with Olivia because she is the sweetest, prettiest, funniest person…okay, I digress). I had no idea that in-between all of the late nights in the library, frequent chipotle dinners after classes, and countless times of me almost peeing my pants from how hilarious she is- Olivia was going to become one of my lifelong friends. Anyone who knows Olivia knows that to be her friend means you are one of the lucky ones. It means you always get a card on your birthday, you always get a call when she knows you’ve had a bad day, and you always feel loved. She has been there for me on the lowest of my lows and is always there to celebrate any of my successes. There are so few people on this planet that are as sweet, funny, and beautiful as Olivia and I can’t stress this enough. 

Next enters sweet Kody. I first met Kody when I went to visit Olivia while she was in Grad School. I had heard so much about this “cute southern boy” in her program that I needed to come visit to figure out if he was worth all the hype (because trust me, it was A LOT of hype) 😉 Sure enough, within minutes of meeting Kody I knew he was perfect for Olivia. Kody’s picture should probably be in the dictionary next to southern gentleman, because that’s honestly the best way to describe him. He treats everyone he encounters as though they are his oldest friend, and he cherishes Olivia for all of the amazingness that she is. He is everything you would hope your best friend would find in a guy.

To have been able to capture Olivia & Kody’s wedding was like a dream come true for me. Not only did I get to be there to celebrate my two friends getting married, but I was lucky enough to be able to document it through my lens all day. I was there when Olivia & Kody read letters to each other. I bawled like a baby behind my camera while Kody watched Olivia read her promises to him with the sweetest tears running down his cheeks. I was there to watch Olivia wipe his tears and make him laugh, all the while she could barely keep it together. I was there to capture the limitless amount of special moments including Kody’s dad officiate their ceremony, and their pug Pete walk down the isle. I was there to watch & capture every moment of the best day of their lives unfold, and I can’t tell you what an honor that was. 

Thank you, Olivia & Kody, for choosing me as your photographer. Thank you for including me in your celebration. Thank you for having a love worth looking up to. Thank you for giving all of the single people who know you two (especially me) hope that they will one day find their “Olivia” or their “Kody”. But most of all, thank you, Olivia & Kody, for your unwavering friendship. Love you both SO much.

VENDOR LOVE- Flowers: Thomas Ripley Flowers, Band: The Band Encore of Lexington, Cello/Violin: Bluegrass Classical Music Ensemble, Videography: Happy Camper Film, Venue: Round Barn Stable of Memories, Reception Catering: Bayou Bluegrass Catering, Bridal Suite: The Campbell House Curio, Doughnuts: North Lime Coffee & Donuts, Cake: Elizabeth Lowry Cakes, Bridesmaid Dresses: Weddington Way, Groomsmen Suits: Men’s Warehouse, Hair & Makeup: Hairport Lexington, Bridal Gown: Mikaella Bridal, Second Shooter: Marina Borovikova