So, my blog went dead for a couple of weeks because I had to keep the majority of my photoshoots a secret due to the holiday season! Now that the pictures have been received and loved after Christmas, I can finally share them on my blog!

The first family I have decided to blog is extremely near and dear to my heart, and I was so excited to take pictures for them as a gift to their parents, who also happen to be my basically adoptive parents 😉 It sounds cheesy, but I love being able to capture the ones I love on camera. I love being given the opportunity to create art out of a families’ love and spirit. I love the process of taking pictures, but also love being able to see the finished product in frames on walls, bedside tables, and even refrigerators. And, I love being able to give back to the families (like this family) I am so thankful for. This family has been nothing but supportive of my spirit, dreams, and endeavors, and it is thanks to their support and love that I am now doing what I love and becoming the person I am. And, while I know giving them pictures will never pay back for the support they have given me, I can feel confident knowing that they will smile every time they look at their beautiful children I was able to capture on camera. <3

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